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  • Blacks in Tech: Blacks In Technology is a global platform for black women and men in technology. They offer community, media and mentorship, and provide resources, guidance and challenge members to establish new standards of innovation.
  • Black Girls Code: an organization that builds pathways for young women of color to embrace the current tech marketplace as builders and creators by introducing them to skills in computer programming and technology. They offer support in Artificial Intelligence, Game Design, Robotics, Virtual Reality, Mobile and App Design, 3D Printing, Web Design, and Blockchain.
  • DEI Special Interest Group at Academic Data Science Alliance + YouTube playlist: The DEI Special Interest Group (SIG) is an organization that brings together members of the academic data science community to help address DEI issues in data science education, careers, and research and to produce models and effective practices for the data science community at large
  • Environmental Data Science Inclusion Network: a network dedicated to facilitating and supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion within the environmental and data science fields. 
  • Girls Who Code: offers programs to help close the gender gap in tech. Their programs support a wide range of ages from Grade 3 to college and early career professionals.
  • Latinx in Data Science: is a global community of LatinX professionals in AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science. The organization is committed to bridging communities, academics, industry, and politicians working to further AI innovation and resources for LatinX individuals globally. They also drive and support research, development, infrastructure, and mentoring programs to boost innovation and capabilities of LatinX professionals working in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science.
  • PyLadies: an international mentorship group which focuses on helping more women become active participants in the Python open-source community. It is part of the Python Software Foundation.
  • Race + Data Science Resources: extensive listing of articles, books, podcasts, programs, orgs, conferences + toolkits from Columbia University Data Science Institute
  • R-Ladies: an organization that promotes gender diversity in the community of users of the R statistical programming language. It is made up of local chapters affiliated with the worldwide coordinating organization R-Ladies Global.
  • Women in Data Science – Hybrid conference 3/7/22: The Women in Data Science (WiDS) initiative aims to inspire and educate data scientists worldwide, regardless of gender, and to support women in the field.


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